The two-time Stanley Cup-champion and former core player of the New Jersey Devils has elected to retire after playing 16 NHL seasons.

In addition to his two championships with the Devils, Gomez laced up in a total of 1,079 NHL games while earning 756 points and a Calder Trophy as Rookie of the Year in the 1999-00 season. He also played for the New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, San Jose Sharks, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues and Ottawa Senators.

Gomez talked about his retirement with Alaska Dispatch News-writer Doyle Woody, explaining that home was one of the main reasons for him making it to the big leagues.

“What I accomplished started here, I got where I am because of this neighborhood. This is Airport Heights. This is home. I’d never think of living anywhere else. To leave, I’d almost feel I’d be betraying Eastside. This is home base.”

Alaska Dispatch News – Scott Gomez calls it a career

Gomez was happy to not having to use August to meet up with his trainer Vladimir Bure for hardcore workouts prior to training camp, and loved being able to spend more time home in Alaska with family and friends. What about when it comes to the future?

“You’ve got to do something. I mean, I’m as good as anyone at laying around, but that’s the offseason. You’ve got to do something.”

Which is why Gomez most likely will be doing broadcasting work this coming season, which he got a sniff of last season and helping more throughout the year with the Scotty Gomez Foundation which his father is running.